"He's ashamed of being unhappy,"

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All you really need to know is that I am actually Sebastian Flyte in real life.

~ Wednesday, October 15 ~
I’m not one of those people who thinks that what we did was alright because it was necessary for our survival, or that we were somehow an advanced species, so killing the living doesn’t count. It does count. I did kill her. And all I can say is that I would have done anything to have stopped it.

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My friend phones me up and goes like, “Hey, I hear you’re going to be playing Patrick Stewart!” He didn’t say Charles Xavier, he didn’t say Professor X, he said I hear you’re going to be playing Patrick Stewart.

Forgot if I reblog this before or not, but I LOVE his look in this, the hair is so natural <3

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Downton Abbey x technology pt. 2

rjc staring longingly at the picture he took of me at the meet and greet last year. aw, hun. 

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~ Friday, October 10 ~

"This you?"

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Cage match, how does it go down? X-Men enter the cage. Avengers enter the cage. How does it go down?

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make me choose // anon asked: thomas barrow or john bates

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